Let us introduce

Our quality control department is keenly observing and testing each stage of production and thus we offer the best quality HUBS and CANNULAES.
Also, each cannulae is properly electro polished, ultrasonically cleaned, sterilized in distilled boiling water and finally dipped in T.C. solvent, to remove all dust particles. Thorough inspection of each and every cannulae is carried out under magnification. The super sharp Lancet point with uniform edges possesses higher elasticity and stiffness for an easy penetration.
For veterinary use thick walled, high strength cannulae with triple bevel point is used.
Cannulae with sand blasted echo marking for clear visibility under echo monitoring is also available.


1 10G to 30G of any length
2 Reguloar bevel, Intra muscular, 12° to 14°
3 Short bevel, intravenous, 15° to 19°
4 Intra dermal 30°
5 Flat point 45°
6 Defelected point (Huber)
7 Blunt End, (Non_cutting) 90°
8 Plugged Point
Medical needle cannulae, and stylet wires for making disposable biopsy needles. i.e. Anaesthesia, Guillotine Tru Cut, Bone Marrow, Sternal Aspiration, Chibba Biopsy and Huber tuhoy biopsy needle.
10 Cannulae for A.V. Fistula Needle
11 Pencil Point.